With the development of the world’s trade and economic integration and China’s entry into WTO, it has become increasingly internationalized for enterprise management and quality certification on the basis of standards and focusing on quality. Together with the employees’ efforts, Red-flag Group has established documented quality system which meets the standard requirements and keeps perfecting the quality system by internal quality audit to make sure the quality management system can be continuously effective. Red-flag Group has gained Quality System Certificate, CCC Certificate of China Compulsory Product Certification and Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products.

According to the international standards, Red-flag Group has founded a complete set of quality system and strictly follows national standards and equivalent international standards to produce products, manage production and monitor the entire process. During the whole production and management, Red-flag Group adheres to the motto: quality to an enterprise is what life to a person. Market oriented, the Group strengthens quality control and adopts the mode of quality and benefits with the purpose of increasing market share. Red-flag Group strives to develop itself into a modern enterprise.


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