School Profile

Established in 1997, the main campus of Sichuan University of Media and Communications (SUMC) is located in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. Formerly known as College of Radio, Film and Television of Chengdu University of Technology, SUMC began to organize general undergraduate education in 2001. With the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was transformed into an independent  comprehensive private general undergraduate university in 2013.


SUMC adheres to themission of "education for the party and the country", the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, the principle of public welfare education, as well as the application-oriented and industry-oriented school positioning.

It integrates the political core role of the party committee into the whole process of  education. Upholding the school motto of Being Knowledgeable and Pursuing both Professional Excellence and Moral Integrity and pursuing the student-oriented educational philosophy, SUMC keeps improving and innovating the mechanism, adjusting its sizing and structure, upgrading the level and facilities, and ensuring teaching quality with characteristics. It also takes the initiative to meet the development needs of the media industry and local cultural industries, committed to cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, aesthetics, labor, and innovative spirit, to meet the needs of the media industry and local economic and social development.



The main campus of SUMC is located in Pidu District, Chengdu City, and the other two practice and training campuses are located in Pujiang County, Chengdu City and Langzhong City, Sichuan Province. The three campuses have a total area of 2397.95 mu, the building area of 827400 square meters, with the total value of teaching and research equipment for 308 million yuan. High speed wireless network is accessible on campus. SUMC library has a building area of 23,600 square meters, housing 2.03 million paper books. And the “SUMC Branch of the Sichuan Provincial Library” was also set up, with a collection of 180,000 paper books, 78 data base. SUMC is equipped with first-class teaching facilities and devices, including 4K ultra-HD TV broadcast vehicles, box rebroadcasting system, more than 2,000 3D, 4K, HD cameras, over 3,000 post-editing devices and graphic-image workstations, large recording studios, large photography studios, art and sports center.


SUMC has 17 teaching units and 1081 full-time teachers, including 1 member of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education in 2018-2022,7 members of Sichuan Provincial Teaching Steering Committee, 1 academic and technical leader in Sichuan Province, 2 candidates for academic and technological leaders in Sichuan Province, 2 famous teachers in Colleges and Universities in Sichuan Province, 4 famous teachers of private colleges and universities in Sichuan Province, 1 "famous teacher in teaching and educating" of Sichuan Province, 6 teachers enjoying the special subsidy of the State Council, 1 member of the Science and Technology Committee of the State Administration of Radio and Television, 1 national leader in radio, television and network audio-visual and 3 young innovative talents.


SUMC offers 45 undergraduate majors, covering 6 university disciplines including literature, art, management, engineering, economics and education with 2 first-class major construction sites of the National "Double Ten Thousand Plan", 7 first-class major construction sites of the provincial "Double Ten Thousand Plan", 5 provincial application-oriented demonstration majors, 1 provincial characteristic major, 2 majors of provincial outstanding journalism talent training program, 5 provincial comprehensive reform and construction majors, 4 majors in the provincial private colleges and universities’ major quality improvement planning, 6 provincial key (characteristic) majors and 1 provincial moral education demonstration major.


Teaching Reform

SUMC has been selected as a pilot university for integration between higher education and industry by the Ministry of Education, the first batch of "Pilot Universities for overall transformation, development and reform of undergraduate universities, for educational system and mechanism reform in Sichuan Province and for the reform of Training Model of media art talents, with 1 first prize, 3 second prizes, and 3 third prizes for Sichuan Higher Education Teaching Achievement.

Talents Training

SUMC puts forward the “3533” application-oriented talent training model.

It has 1 outstanding teaching team in Sichuan Province,1provincial demonstration team of moral education, 3 outstanding private teaching teams in Sichuan Province, 4 provincial-level shared courses in quality course resources,7 provincial quality courses, 6 provincial application-oriented demonstration courses, 7 provincial moral education demonstration courses, 4 provincial quality shared courses, 1 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship education demonstration course, 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers,1 provincial science education base, 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, and 206 off-campus internship training bases.

Industry-Education Integration

SUMC established many High-end collaborative education platforms, such as "China (Chengdu) Ultra HD Innovation and Application Industry Base"--"Chengdu Film and Television Silicon Valley" approved by the State Administration of Radio and Television and the first batch of "demonstration bases for innovation and Entrepreneurship of Colleges and Universities in Sichuan Province". The "Fuhe Yuan Film and Television Media Science and Education Industrial Park" built on the basis of SUMC was included in the "13th Five-Year Development Plan for Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Sichuan Province" and listed as a key project of Sichuan Province for four consecutive years; Chengdu Film and Television City, with SUMC as its core area, is listed as one of the 66 industrial functional areas in Chengdu; The modern high-tech studio -- Chengdu Film and Television Silicon Valley Photography Studio, built by SUMC, was included in the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Sichuan Province (draft).

Scientific Research

SUMC participated in the development of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television’s standards for 5G High-tech Video-Immersive Video Technology White Paper, 5G High-tech Video-VR Video Technology White Paper, Internet Free Viewpoint Interactive Video Data Format Specification, standards for Technical requirements for audio loudness of network audio visual programs, and industry standards the White Paper on the Production of 4K Ultra High Definition TV Programs and the White Paper on 5G+4K/8K Ultra High Definition Technology. SUMC also completed the compilation of the White Paper on Talent Cultivation of 2018 China Digital Creativity Industry, shouldered the research and development of the certification system of “New Media Video Artist” and jointly won a batch of projects such as a national major scientific research project named the Construction of Basic Public Service Platform concerning Industrial Technology Oriented toward Ultra Definition Video Industry.


SUMC has transported more than 70,000 graduates to the society, who serve the media industry and local economic and social construction. Some of the excellent graduates are listed as follows: Deputy to the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC)—Xu Ping, the Most Beautiful National College-Graduate Village Official—Xiao Lin, the 3rd National Good Reporter—Li Dan, 1st prize winner of World Press Photo Contest—Bao Tailiang, Anchor of Phoenix Satellite Television—Tian Tong. In the past three years, students of SUMC have won 1 silver award, 1 bronze award in the National "Internet+" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and 3 provincial gold awards, 5 silver awards, and 14 bronze awards

Facing the future, SUMC will thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, focus on the fundamental task of moral education, adhere to the "basic foundation", unswervingly promote connotative development, and strive to build a high-level private  application-oriented undergraduate university with distinctive characteristics.